Dr. Friedman Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Thyroid Cancer


Does a thyroid tumor affect my thyroid function?

Thyroid tumors almost never affect function. Patients with a thyroid nodule will usually have normal function. The nodule is something removed because of the risk of malignancy.

How is thyroid cancer treated?

Surgery is almost always curative. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are rarely used.

Is there any treatment after surgery?

Most patients of thyroid cancer also receive a radioactive iodine treatment. This is a simple treatment where a small amount of radioactive iodine is given to the patient to destroy any residual thyroid cells.

Does radioactive iodine treatment have side effects?

Generally, no major side effects are reported.

Where is the treatment administered?

Treatments is given as an outpatient procedure. The patient must AVOID other people for FOUR days so they are not exposed to the radioactive material present in the patient’s bodily fluids.

How will I function without a thyroid?

Thyroid hormones are available as an exact duplicate of your own natural hormone. By taking a thyroid replacement pill, you should be perfectly normal.

Will I gain weight?

With proper replacement hormones your metabolism will be normal and you should not gain weight.

Will I lose my voice?

Thyroid surgery requires removing the tumor from the recurrent laryngeal nerve; hoarseness is common but almost always temporary.

Will my parathyroid be saved?

The parathyroid are always identified and protected. In most cases they will have normal function.

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