One Family, Two Problems Solved

Jeff and Lori W. first came to Chicago ENT when they were living in the Chicago suburbs. Their young daughter, Lindsay, then just ten years old, had been diagnosed with a tumor on the inside of her cheek. Lindsay’s pediatrician said the tumor might grow or change, and recommended surgery to have it removed. Jeff and Lori looked into several surgical specialists to perform the surgery, but they all seemed to say the same thing: the mass needed to be excised from the outside, essentially opening up the cheek all the way to the ear to get at the tumor. This would inevitably leave their daughter scarred.

“My wife was vehemently opposed to that idea,” said Jeff. “And I wasn’t really thrilled about it either, but all the famous surgeons were saying that’s the only way it can be done. That is was too risky to go inside, and this is really the only way.”

The family was not satisfied with this answer and kept looking for other options. During their search, another otolaryngologist recommended that they take their daughter to Chicago ENT. “Don’t go anywhere else,” the doctor urged. “If it were my daughter, I would see Dr. Friedman.”

When Jeff and Lori brought Lindsay to Chicago ENT for evaluation, Dr. Friedman quickly assured them that he could indeed perform the surgery from the inside of the mouth and minimize external scarring. “It was very surprising to hear due to what we’d been told by the previous experts.” said Jeff. “Because of the endorsement and referral by the ENT specialist, along with Dr. Friedman’s reputation and confidence in performing the procedure, we placed our faith in his abilities.”

The surgery was a success! It left no visible scarring to Lindsay’s face, and the complex facial nerves that had worried the other surgeons remained intact. 

But the story doesn’t end there. While at Lindsay’s first follow-up appointment after the surgery, Jeff noticed some brochures and literature on snoring and sleep apnea. “My first thought was, ‘that’s me – my wife has really been complaining about my snoring,’” said Jeff. “After watching several videos Dr. Friedman recommended, I made an appointment to see Dr. Friedman for myself.”

The two worked together to formulate a treatment plan for Jeff’s mild sleep apnea and severe snoring. First Dr. Friedman used the PILLAR procedure to stiffen the soft palate, thereby reducing snoring. He then corrected Jeff’s deviated septum, which can disrupt normal breathing through the nose. “I felt great,” said Jeff. I was getting restful sleep and so was my wife!”

Not only did Dr. Friedman help Jeff with his snoring and sleep apnea, but also with his chronic sore throat. “When Dr. Friedman told me about radiofrequency ablation to remove my tonsils, I had not heard of it,” Jeff recalls. I only knew of the traditional surgery– the one with significant pain and lengthy recovery.” Dr. Friedman assured me that the ablation was the way to go.

Jeff describes his post-tonsillectomy pain as “nearly nonexistent.” He adds, “I went home and ate pizza that same night. It was amazing!”

Fast-forward thirteen years. Jeff and Lori have since moved from Illinois and are now enjoying their retirement in North Carolina. When Jeff’s snoring began to problem again recently, he knew what he had to do. He made an appointment to see Dr. Friedman.  “He’s my guy,” said Jeff. “The trust we have established makes the trip more than worthwhile.”

As for Lindsay, she’s 25 now, has completed her undergraduate degree and is working on her master’s degree in her field of study.