Severe Coughing

Dr. Friedman Cures Seven-Year Cough Through an Accurate Diagnosis

“If it wasn’t for Dr. Friedman, I’d still be sick in bed today—coughing and drugged up on different medications. I’m sure of it.”

That’s how our patient “Mrs. G.” describes what her life would have been like if she hadn’t met Dr. Michael Friedman. After spending more than seven years living with an unrelenting cough, Mrs. G. felt more than just sick, she felt isolated from her friends, her family, and the world. She lived in fear that she’d begin coughing uncontrollably, which made her feel self-conscious and unable to enjoy herself. So she spent most of her days either home alone or seeking new remedies from a variety of different specialists all over Chicago.

Over the years, Mrs. G. tried almost a dozen different medications to get rid of an ongoing cough which she was told was caused by reflux. She even gave away her cat as one doctor convinced her that was all she needed to do. It didn’t work.

“Dr. Friedman was the only doctor who took the time to listen to me and actually run his own acid reflux test. It came back normal. I realized I’d wasted so many years taking strong opiates to cure a condition I never even had.”

Thanks to this single non-invasive test, her whole life changed. “As soon as he looked at my test results, he diagnosed me as having laryngopharyngeal reflux. He put me on a medication that was much safer than the opiates I was taking.

“I stopped coughing almost immediately.

“It felt almost too good to be true. I was no longer embarrassed to go out in public for fear I would break into a coughing fit. I no longer went through a bag of cough drops a day or walked around clutching a water bottle. And I could go to a restaurant with my friends and not be the one everyone’s staring at.

“I got my life back. It’s as simple as that.”