Severe Snoring

His snoring was so severe and his breathing so difficult, he thought CPAP was the only answer.

When our patient, “Mr. G.,” describes how he feels post-surgery, he can’t believe it himself.  For more than a decade, he suffered from sleep apnea that was so severe, he couldn’t sleep lying down on his bed unless he was surrounded and elevated by a pile of pillows. Unfortunately, his breathing problems didn’t end there.  He was usually tired during the day from waking up so much during the night, and he couldn’t eat without gasping for breath.

Mr. G. told us that his sleep apnea had affected his whole life.

“Over the years, I tried to so many doctors and they just told me the same thing: CPAP.  I tried it and it wasn’t comfortable for me so I never really used it.  I thought I had no choice but to live like this forever.”

Fortunately, a friend convinced him to see Dr. Michael Friedman. “I looked him up on the Internet and was really impressed with what I read.  His credentials were amazing; everyone agreed he was the go-to guy for snoring.  Nurses, patients, even other doctors all agree that Dr. Friedman is the best.

“My wife and I had tons of questions. He answered each one—didn’t rush us one bit.  He has a quiet confidence about him.  It put me right at ease.”

After Mr. G. met with Dr. Friedman, the entire team at Chicago ENT got right to work that same afternoon.  With all the diagnostic testing performed on site, Mr. G. went from specialist to specialist, taking the necessary tests and meeting with a number of doctors in the practice.  “The office was packed, but you’d never know it from the way they treated me.  I felt like I was the only patient there.”

And then he scheduled his surgery.  “I thought I’d be scared going into surgery, but Dr. Friedman and his whole team gave me such confidence about the procedure I was actually looking forward to it.

“The very next morning after my surgery, they removed my bandage and my breathing was completely normal.  I couldn’t believe it.”

Just a few weeks after surgery, Mr. G. still marvels at how different he feels.  “I’m sleeping less now, but so much sounder.  I wake up feeling like I should—rested and ready to go. My wife actually made sure I was breathing the first night I was home because I was so quiet.  She’d never heard me sleep so quietly.”