Gambling not an option.

For as long as he can remember, Ivan had suffered from overgrown cheekbones, which prevented him from opening his mouth very wide. It became more of a problem when he started to lose his voice. Ivan was diagnosed him with a vocal cord tumor, but due to his malformed cheekbones, he was going to have to have facial surgery so the surgeon could access and biopsy the mass.

After a lengthy but successful surgical procedure, he was able to open his mouth wide enough for a sample to be removed. Ivan was bandaged up and told the tumor was benign. He saw many physicians who offered no other advice, but his voice did not improve.

But something didn’t sit well with Ivan. He came to see Dr. Friedman for a second opinion.

After looking at the tumor through a scope, Dr. Friedman told me he did not believe it to be benign and because of the way my throat was shaped, he had to go in from the outside.  I trusted him and after another surgery. Dr. Friedman was able to take out a large part of the tumor,” said Ivan.

With an adequate sample, further testing was performed on the biopsy. Unfortunately, the testing came back that it was cancerous and had spread.  

Ivan underwent further surgery with Dr. Friedman to remove the cancer. He then referred Ivan to an oncologist and a radiation center, where he underwent 30 sessions of radiation to his neck.

Two years following his treatment with Dr. Friedman, the tumor has not returned.

I am thankful to Dr. Friedman for saving my life and my voice.  I was twice told the tumor was benign by other doctors and if I did not find him and get his expertise, I may not have been here to tell this story,” said Ivan.

In life you can’t gamble with your health. If you have an ailment and need to see a specialist then see the best doctor you can, and to me I am positive that Dr. Friedman is the best in the Chicagoland area for ENT, possibly in the nation.