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Hearing and Balance FAQ’s

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I think I’m losing my hearing. Does that mean I need hearing aids?
Not necessarily. But any hearing loss should be checked out by an audiologist.

What causes an ear infection (otitis media)?
An ear infection occurs when there is improper drainage of the fluid that collects behind the eardrum during a cold, allergy or upper respiratory infection and is accompanied by the presence of bacteria or viruses.

What causes swimmer’s ear (otitis externa)?
Otitis externa is a bacterial infection of the outer ear and ear canal causing inflammation which causes an earache. It is typically caused by exposure to water.

What is ringing in the ear (tinnitus)?
Some patients say it sounds like buzzing, clicking, hissing or humming. It can be perceived in one or both ears. It is usually caused by wax, allergy, ear infections, certain medications, circulatory problems and most commonly, prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Why am I dizzy?
Dizziness and imbalance can have both vestibular and non-vestibular causes. The inner ear’s vestibular organs signal to your brain whether you are moving, and how your head is oriented relative to gravity. Your brain then integrates these signals with those received from your eyes, muscles, and joints. When any part of the vestibular system malfunctions, this process of integration breaks down, and dizziness and other symptoms may result. Medical evaluation from one of our qualified vestibular specialists is essential to determine whether your dizziness is caused by a vestibular problem, some other cause, or a combination of factors.


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St. Mary’s Hospital Professional Building
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