For Physicians

Seated, from left: Sarah Felt, PA; John Kelly; T.K. Venkatesan, MD; Michael Friedman, MD; Adam J. Levy, MD; Ellen May, AuD; Seated, from left: Claire E. Kenneally, MD; Kathryn L. Colman, MD; Irina Trosman, MD; Ayesha Siddiqi, MD. Not pictured: Sarah Alderman, MD

Dear Referring Physician,

Thank you for choosing to send your patient to Chicago ENT.  Like you, our primary goal is to make your patients feel better, faster. Here at Chicago ENT, your patient will find a highly experienced and dedicated team of otolaryngologists, sleep specialists, audiologists, allergists, cosmetic surgeons, and dental sleep specialists, plus a staff that strives to make each visit as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Over the past 30 years, our medical team has improved the lives of thousands of patients, some of whom came to us after unsuccessfully seeking answers from dozens of physicians and trying countless medications.  And here’s why:

With a team of caring experts working together, backed by the latest technology and research, Chicago ENT has the right combination of experience and expertise to diagnose and treat patients other doctors just can’t.

To schedule same-day and next-day appointments, just call the office that is most convenient for your patients.  You’ll find the addresses and phone numbers for each of our offices on our locations page. You can also check out our recent publications and surgical videos by clicking on the links below:

We know that your referral is a reflection of your judgment, and we will make every effort to provide a positive experience for your patients. Thank you for putting your trust in us.


Dr. Michael Friedman and the Chicago ENT staff