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What Are Allergies & Why Do We Get Them?

The 411 on Allergies

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, more than 50 million Americans including children suffer from allergies. Over 6 million school and work days are missed each year because of allergy symptoms. But what exactly are allergies and why do people suffer from them while others don’t? We sat down with Dr. Payal Patel, board-certified pediatric and adult allergy and immunology physician at ChicagoENT and asked her to give us the 411 on allergies. Continue reading What Are Allergies & Why Do We Get Them?

Ask A Doc-How Do I Treat Eczema?

Eczema and Allergies

Patients with eczema have dry, itchy skin that can flare because of allergies (environmental factors or foods). Generally, it begins in childhood but can last well into adulthood.  To reduce flares or even symptoms, it is important to follow a good skin regimen. Dr. Ayesha Siddiqi, board-certified allergy and immunology specialist at ChicagoENT is providing helpful tips to help keep eczema at bay. Continue reading Ask A Doc-How Do I Treat Eczema?

Warm Weather Triggering Your Allergies?

Warm Weather Triggering Your Allergies?

Dusting out the shorts and barbecuing in the middle of February seems unheard-of.  Well, for the past week many fellow Chicagoans have taken full advantage of the record-high temperatures to enjoy some much-needed outdoor activities. However, for many the warm weather brought a big downside: allergies.

The unseasonably warm temperatures have triggered an early onset of spring allergies in many adults and children who suffer from seasonal allergies. The warm weather brings more rainfall which causes mold spores and tree pollen to be present in the air- which is very unusual for the middle of winter. Continue reading Warm Weather Triggering Your Allergies?