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Welcome to Chicago ENT, Chicago’s premier ear, nose, and throat specialty center. Whether you have a simple ENT complaint, suffer from snoring, sleep apnea or sinus infections, or have a parathyroid problem, we can help. Chicago ENT doctors combine diagnoses and comprehensive treatments with innovative, minimally invasive solutions to resolve all your snoring, sleep apnea, sinus and general ENT needs. Plus, we are the only ENT specialty center that lets you schedule your appointment whenever you want – even in the middle of the night – thanks to our online scheduling capability. Many times, same-day and next-day appointments are available.

Dr. Michael Friedman, Medical Director

More than 30 years ago, world-renowned otolaryngologist, thyroid and parathyroid surgeon, and sleep specialist Dr. Michael Friedman opened the Advanced Center for Specialty Care. Now called Chicago ENT, Dr. Friedman’s recent expansion has revolutionized the medical community by being the first and only center to provide integrated, comprehensive care for sleep apnea, thyroid and parathyroid disease, and all diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.

Today, patients from around the world find solutions at Chicago ENT, and we have become the preferred ear, nose, and throat office for referring physicians in the Chicago area.

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