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What are the Most Common Signs of a Throat Infection?

Do you have a burning or scratchy feeling at the back of your throat? You may have a throat infection. Throat infections are uncomfortable and can be painful, affecting your ability to talk, eat, and drink. Keep reading to learn more about a throat infection and the common signs of a throat infection.

5 Signs Snoring is a Problem Worth Investigating

Do you snore? You aren’t alone. Almost everyone will snore at some point in their life. Snoring happens when airflow is restricted or blocked. For most people, snoring isn’t an issue. However, sometimes, it can be a sign of a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea. That’s especially true if your partner has complained about… Read More

Can a Nasal Endoscopy Help with Allergy Management?

Do you sneeze frequently? Is your nose often stuffy or runny? If so, you may have nasal allergies. When you have allergies, you need an effective solution to return to the activities you love. A nasal endoscopy is an essential diagnostic tool to help your ENT specialist evaluate your nasal and sinus passages. Using a… Read More

Can a Sleep Specialist Help Improve My Sleep?

Do you experience sleep disturbances regularly that leave you groggy and tired the next day? Sleep problems can negatively impact your mood, productivity, and concentration levels. They can also increase your risk of certain conditions like stroke, diabetes, depression, and heart attack. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, seeing a sleep specialist can… Read More

What is Eustachian Tube Dilation?

Do you suffer from a feeling of fullness and pressure in your ears? Have you had these symptoms for a long time without relief? You may have chronic Eustachian tube dysfunction. The uncomfortable and often painful symptoms of persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction can be relieved by a cutting-edge treatment called Eustachian tube dilation. Keep reading… Read More

October Is Audiology Awareness Month

Caring for your hearing health is always a good idea, and October’s Audiology Awareness Month is the perfect time to do it! Although you may think you don’t have hearing loss, the condition is common—it affects 48 million Americans—and can happen so gradually that you may not be aware of a problem until it has… Read More

Are My Food Allergies Guaranteed to Be Serious?

As with all allergies, how your body’s immune system reacts to future allergic reactions to food is very unpredictable. The symptoms of a food allergy can change throughout your lifetime, decreasing or increasing in severity. Even if you know that you’re allergic to a food, you may not have the same symptoms every time you… Read More

Does Your Child Need to See a Pediatric ENT?

If your child has a blocked or runny nose, you may give them cold medicine and wait several days to see if their symptoms improve. But if the symptoms worsen or linger, it could be time to visit a pediatric ENT. Pediatric ENTs treat various conditions affecting young patients’ ears, nose, and throat. Keep reading… Read More

Chronically Runny Nose? Why You May Need Allergy Relief

Do you have a constant case of the sniffles? Is your nose always itchy? You may have allergic rhinitis or allergies. A runny nose, itchiness, congestion, and other uncomfortable symptoms often accompany allergic rhinitis. Keep reading to learn more about allergies, how allergic rhinitis could be responsible for your chronically runny nose, and ways to… Read More

How are the Ear, Nose, and Throat Connected?

The interconnected ear, nose, and throat systems enable you to hear, breathe, smell, and taste. These systems are essential to your sensory experience. If something goes wrong in one area, it can significantly impact your quality of life. Many conditions can affect this system, and an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist can help you… Read More

What are the Signs of an Asthma Attack?

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the airways in your lungs. Your airways become inflamed, irritated, and narrowed during an asthma attack. Early warning signs occur right before or at the start of asthma attacks. Recognizing these symptoms can help you to prevent an asthma attack from worsening or stop it from happening…. Read More

Nip Allergy Symptoms in the Bud with These 8 Tips

Do you suffer from allergies? You’re not alone. Allergies affect millions of Americans and are triggered by various allergens. Allergens cause allergic reactions, and many things can cause allergies, like pollen, mold, dust mites, pet dander, insect venom, medications, and certain foods. Allergies may lead to uncomfortable symptoms, making your life less pleasant or downright… Read More

What to Do About Nosebleeds While Working Out

Do you often experience nosebleeds while working out? These may be more common than you think. A nosebleed, also called epistaxis, is blood loss from your nasal membrane. The nasal membrane is the thin tissue lining the inside of your nose. Nosebleeds can occur in one or both nostrils and may be caused by different… Read More

Why Marijuana May Help Reduce Sinus Symptoms

Sinusitis, commonly called a sinus infection, occurs when bacteria and germs build up in your sinuses and cause an infection. Sinus infections are often due to a cold, flu, allergies, or structural issues. Given that cannabis can help treat infections and reduce inflammation, a recent study suggests that people with sinus issues could benefit from… Read More

Is Mouth Tape a Good Way of Controlling Snoring?

Mouth breathing causes snoring. For many married couples, it can be a recurring argument. Snoring can drive your partner crazy and mean endless sleepless nights unless they decide to move to the spare bedroom. But a small sticky strip can change all that, according to a small group of devotees. Dr. Michael Friedman, medical director… Read More

Am I a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

As you age, the delicate skin on your eyelids can become saggy, droopy, or puffy. This excess skin may cause you to look tired and older than you are. In some cases, the excess skin might make it hard to open your eyes, affecting your vision and ability to see. If you’ve noticed signs of… Read More

Is Constant Fatigue Worth Worrying About?

Does it seem like you no longer have the same energy levels? Are you always tired, no matter what you do? You might ignore constant fatigue since everyone gets exhausted at some point, especially after a long day. But relapsing exhaustion could indicate needing to see a doctor to help determine what’s causing your tiredness…. Read More

How Long Does Sinusitis Last For?

Has your stuffy nose lingered longer than usual? You might have sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection. There are different causes and types of sinusitis. How long your sinusitis lasts usually depends on the type and cause of the sinus infection you’re dealing with. Keep reading to learn more about sinusitis and how long… Read More

What Does a Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Mean?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night gasping or briefly struggling to breathe? Does your partner frequently complain that you snore? These are some signs of a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when the upper airway muscles in the throat relax as you sleep, restricting airflow. Not getting enough… Read More

Is Having Dry Mouth a Concern?

Many people occasionally experience cotton or dry mouth, especially when they’re under stress, nervous, or upset. However, when your mouth always feels parched or if you have trouble swallowing, the feeling can be more than uncomfortable. A dry mouth can be a side-effect of the medication you’re taking or a symptom of a potentially serious… Read More


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